Each Student Will Get Pictures Of The Normal And Mutant As1 And As2 Proteins See Bel 2969085

Week 3 (April 30 and May 1):
Learning objectives: Students will be able to describe how changes in DNA sequence, leads to changes in protein sequence and how changes in protein sequence leads to changes in the 3D structure of proteins that result in functional changes in the protein.
Mini lectures: DNA mutation and the impact on protein structure and function—there are two separate video files available on D2L.
Analysis of Data (on your own):
1. Each student will get pictures of the normal and mutant AS1 and AS2 proteins (see below). You will create one figure that compares the AS1 normal vs. mutant (ribbon and space filling) and a separate figure that compared the AS2 normal vs. mutant (ribbon and space filling). Write a caption that describes the difference between the normal vs. mutant. I have written very basic captions that state what the picture is, you need to add to my caption and explain the differences in the normal and mutant proteins.
The following assignment is due by May 3, 5 pm. Submit it to the appropriate assignment folder (3D protein structure_function summary). Please note: the plagiarism checker is turned on. You will receive a 0, if the plagiarism checker detects more than 20% similarity in your work.
Assignment: 2-3 paragraphs that describe how mutations in DNA lead to changes in protein sequence which can result in changes in the 3D structure of proteins and how changes in 3D structure can lead to a failure of protein function. You must also describe how these changes in the DNA and protein, result in phenotypes. A specific emphasis needs to be placed on AS1 and AS2.
You must also include your normal vs. mutant protein figures and the caption that describes them.
Make sure that at the end of your paragraphs, you have a Works Cited section that includes these three references. You should also have appropriate in text citations. Please note: quotations are not used in scientific writing! You must read, understand, and summarize the material in your own words. We use CSE citation rules (http://spu.libguides.com/citations/cite_cse).
In your paragraphs you must include the following:
A description of protein structure (primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary structure).
A description of how changes in protein structure can lead to the inability of a protein to function.
A clear description of how mutations in the AS1 and AS2 gene, lead to a change in protein shape, and how this ultimately leads to the as1 and as2 mutant phenotype.



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