Each Student Must Develop A Report On A Theme Related To Sustaining Regenerating And 2151351

Each student must develop a report on a theme related to sustaining, regenerating and innovating. Australia 2030-40.
The report should critically discuss the selected theme focusing on Australia out to 2030-40 including: • Why the theme or topic Is critical to the future Sustalnability. Regeneration and Innovation of Australia over the next 20-30 years. • Key strategic ‘certainties’ and trends associated with the theme i.e. what is known or regarded as *pre-determined’ about the theme • Key strategic uncertainties associated with the theme i.e. what is unknown or extremely difficult to develop forecasts or trends about the theme • Key drivers that will shape direction, direction or future of the theme • Development of a visual framework expressing key current and future elements of the selected theme or topic as an initial ‘working theory’.
Comprehensive analysis and development of “working theory” combining academic and professional sources is required to produce an effective individual report. For further details please refer to the ICF Individual Report Manuscript Template.



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