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Fantasy Film is a digital animation studio that specialises in animated feature films, digitally animated advertising, digital animation software, video gaming, and digital special effects for live action films.
Although the organisation has production facilities in Brisbane, San Francisco, and Los Angeles it remains centrally controlled by a senior executive team from company headquarters located in Sydney. The managerial structure is ‘top down’ meaning that all decisions such as project appraisal and selection are made by the senior executive team and then filter down to the lower levels in the organisational hierarchy.
Several trends in the broader visual effects industry made the senior executives and the key shareholders nervous. Several larger companies acquiring smaller counterparts and the emergence of highly specialized smaller and nimble operations are such developments seen in the industry. The smaller operators outsource work unlike Fantasy Films which maintain a permanent staff of software developers and digital animation specialists.
Fantasy Films acquired “Yoda Knows,” a small gaming developer last year. Yoda is famous for Galactic Battles, a successful first-person shooter game that has a small but a cult following. Fantasy Film executives were impressed with the questlines (story) behind the games that Yoda is planning introduce.
Four Businesses Fantasy Film operates the following four strategic business units: 1. Fantaspace
This business produces digital animation feature films generating $3.5 billion in revenue. The Fantaspace production “Slippery Bob” won the Academy Award last year for best animated feature film.
2. Advantage This business creates digitally animated advertising for television and the Page 1 I 3
Internet and generates $1.9 billion in revenue for Fantasy Films. Important clients include Amazon, Tesla Motors, and Apple.
3. Anisoft
This business builds digital animation software generating $150 million in revenue. DreamWorks has just signed on as a client subscriber.
4. Yoda Knows
This business generates $200 million revenue. A beta version of the new game “Space Odyssey,” a shooter game has got raving reviews from several gaming reviewers and early adopters. Yoda has incorporated strategy elements to the game and therefore can attract to a variety of gamers. The gaming community is buzzing about the release of the game; delays can impact the enthusiasm.
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