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Imagine that for an internship, you are the Special Assistant to the Dean of the Faculty of
Management. Compose an email to be sent to all Management faculty members asking them
for their feedback on problems in the Wi-Fi network in the Rowe Building.

The Dean’s office has received ten or twelve complaints from students who claim that the
wireless (Wi-Fi) network has been unpredictable and unreliable in certain classrooms and
unreliable everywhere at certain busy times of the term. The students state that they need to
be able to connect their personal computers to Brightspace via Wi-Fi because the computer
labs are overcrowded and noisy. Students state that they have had trouble connecting to Wi-Fi
and, therefore, have been unable to submit assignments on time. The students who sent
messages, state that they have made their complaints known to their professors. However, the
Dean’s office has not received any complaints or questions about the Wi-Fi network from
faculty members. As a student, you think that these students’ complaints are exaggerated—you
have never had problems like this yourself—maybe their computers are just old.

When he gave you this assignment, the Dean said he would like to know how many faculty
members have received complaints from students about Wi-Fi problems in the building. And if
so, have students complained about specific classrooms or spaces? Just how many students
have told professors that they handed in assignments late because of Wi-Fi problems? In other
words, the Dean would also like to know if professors believe that the wireless network is
adequate to create an effective teaching environment in the building.

As the Department of Facilities Management is carrying out its biannual review of the facilities
in the Rowe Building next month, you would like faculty members to respond within the next
two weeks so that the results will be part of Management’s report to Facilities Management—if
there turn out to be problems.

You have sent messages on other issues to faculty members, and so you do not need to
introduce yourself. You will just put your name at the end of the email and your title—Special
Assistant to the Dean, Faculty of Management.

Prof. Angela


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