Drake Is A Full Time Fork Lift Driver In The Product Receiving Division Of Sav M

Drake is a full-time fork-lift driver in the product receiving division of Sav-Mart. Drake’s girlfriend, Amanda, works in the human resources department of Sav-Mart. Sav-Mart has a strict policy against employees conducting personal business through their company e-mail accounts. Company e-mails are to be used for company business only. All company e-mails are accessible for reading to any and all employees.Drake and Amanda occasionally smoke marijuana together. One day, Drake writes to Amanda through the company e-mail telling her that he has some marijuana in his car and wants to get together with her the following night to smoke it. Drake’s supervisor, Pierre, inadvertently intercepts the e-mail and immediately telephones the police.The police follow Drake home and stop him in front of his house. When the police officer approaches, Drake appears nervous and is sweaty and trembling. Drake refuses the police officer’s request for a pat down and a search of his vehicle. The officer then handcuffs Drake and places him in the back of the police car. The officer thoroughly searches Drake’s car, but cannot locate any marijuana. He then summons a drug-detection dog, which detects the smell of marijuana both on Drake’s person and in a secret compartment in his car.1. what legal and ethical violations did Drake’s supervisor commit, if any? Explain.2. if you were Drake’s attorney, what legal arguments would you make in defense of your client? what would be your arguments against the supervisor and the police officer?3. how should Save-Mart improve or change their company e-mail policy?

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