Drag The Tiles To The Boxes To Form Correct Pairs Polygon Abcd Is Defined By The 1

Drag the tiles to the boxes to form correct pairs.Polygon ABCD is defined by the points A(-4, 2), B(-2, 4), C(1, 3), and D(2, 2). Match the coordinates of the points of the transformed polygons to their correct values.

  • the coordinates of D′ ifpolygon ABCD rotates90° counterclockwise tocreate A′B′C′D′
  • (-2, 2)
  • the coordinates of C″ ifpolygon ABCD rotates90° clockwise to createA″B″C″D″
  • (4, -2)
  • the coordinates of A′′′ ifpolygon ABCD rotates 180°clockwise to createA′′′B′′′C′′′D′′′
  • (3, -1)
  • the coordinates of B″ ifpolygon ABCD rotates270° counterclockwise tocreate A″B″C″D″
  • (4, 2)

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