Draft Responsibility For The Development Of Cold War The Cold War Was The Result

Request due in 12 hrs. Sorry for the short notice.Questions:Assess responsibility for the development of the Cold War. What were the decisive milestones? What alternatives for peaceful coexistence existed and were overlooked? Was competition inevitable given Soviet misgivings about the potential for recurrent German aggression? Was the United States seeking economic and political dominance in the emergence of the power vacuum that developed in the aftermath of the destruction of the Axis aggressors? Were the atomic bomb and the lack of personal trust a decisive factor in the evolution of the Cold War in the decade which followed World War? In the final analysis, was bipolar confrontation inevitable? Explain why.I have attached a source for review to help answer the above questions. I have also attached a draft of an answer but it is incomplete, needs revision and additions to correctly answer the above questions.Due Date within 12 hrs // no later than Friday 21 September 6:00pm CSTLength between: 500-600 wordsAll questions listed above answered in an essay format.Citations must be annotated in Turabian/Chicago formatThank you for your assistance on this urgent matter.

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