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Marcia Stapleton    4 posts   Re: Topic 7 DQ 1  The OB Committee at the hospital will be an internal method for the dissemination of my EBP project.This committee is comprised of 10 people which include OB providers, nursing administration, medical administration, anesthesia, clinic staff and nursing staff. Their monthly meetings are focused on OB issues, policies, education and process changes.The project has already been presented to them and the providers are in the process of reviewing the order set with the other OB providers and adding their recommendations for changes.Before implementation, the order set must be approved by this committee.Communication with this committee happens by getting on the agenda for the meeting and presenting the process change.Results will be communicated as the process is implemented with feedback requested from the providers and nursing that are involved in the implementation.This group of OB hospital leaders are key for the implementation and dissemination of the EBP project.The successful implementation and maintenance of EBP in an organization is complex and multifaceted.Communication with these leaders needs to be over time and at multiple levels (Stetler, Ritchie, Rycroft-Malone, & Charns, 2014).  An external method for the dissemination of my EBP project is Allina’s Excellian electronic healthrecord, which is a branch of Epic.The final version of the order set needs to be submitted for change to Excellian.This is important because we as a hospital cannot change our own order sets, it must be change through our EMR.Communication with this group will all be done electronically.Once the final revision is made, there is an electronic process to go through to revise the order set.This electronic process is important as each order is dependent on the patient presentation, so there needs to be much detailed work in lining up the orders with the presentation, so when you click on the patient presentation, the orders needed for that presentation are also selected.Results need to be communicated with Excellian for any adjustments needing to be made as the process is implemented.  Reference  Stetler, C. B., Ritchie, J. A., Rycroft-Malone, J., & Charns, M. P. (2014). Leadership for evidence-based practice:  Strategic and functional behaviors for institutionalizing EBP. Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing, 11(4),  219–226. https://doi-org.lopes.idm.oclc.org/10.1111/wvn.12044

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