Domestic violence, issues and solutions 12-15 slide ppt

Help me study for my Law class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

Note to tutor: This is a final project for a law class. Needs to be exemplary with no plagiarism and excellent APA. Exactly as instructed below. Remember, so audience gets the point but not overly wordy.

PowerPoint is already set up just need to be filled in with information I provided. Other Scholarly information can be added. Please follow instructions, instructor is very strict.

My rough draft of the power point is attached just fill it in.

Absolutely no plagarism


Please create a Power Point of between 10-15 slides on a topic or issue of your choice. This deliverable length excludes your cover slide, reference slides … etc. Your topic or issue must relate DIRECTLY to this class. You can use the same topic for your paper but please note that you have to adhere to the different rules of each format – that is, ppt and ordinary paper in each case. For the avoidance of any doubt, please note that this assignment must be done using a Power Point Presentation. Please go through these requirements and be sure your ppt. conforms with ALL of them before you upload.

1 Given the above, please use slightly bigger font size so your audience can see your presentation.

2 Please have some comments in the “notes” section to help you during the “presentation” (not actually going to present this ppt.).

3 Use mostly bullets and short phrases rather than complete prose/essay narratives for your PowerPoint. POWER POINTS TYPICALLY CONTAIN ABOUT FIVE LINES OF SHORT PHRASES OR BULLETS PER SLIDE.

4 Also, illustrations help but please remember that they are ancillary and not primary to a ppt. so use pictures and illustrations as supplementary aids only. Your bullets/short phrases are more important than your pictures and illustrations. Although illustrations are also important, they are used to embellish and to supplement your written information only – your pictures or illustrations are NOT the main attraction but they help in PowerPoint presentations.

5 Note that it is expected that you would meet the deliverable length in terms of the number of slides required – this excludes your cover slide, list of references … etc. Your last slide(s) should contain your List of References while your opening slide should be your “Cover Slide.” Your Power Point should be between 10 and 15 slides (excluding your cover, list of references … etc)

6 Please note that it is considered plagiarism to borrow any ideas from anyone unless you (1) SUMMARIZE the ideas in your own words and (2) cite your sources. Against the background of the foregoing, student must use in-slide citations to back up your major assertions so readers may not think that you are speculating or guessing. You must cite your sources in your slides so your audience can see and research more if they want to.

7. Remember that your list of references – your last slide(s) go hand in hand with in-text citations. Therefore, please try to use (1) in-text citations – in this case in-slide citations and (2) list of references (in your last slide) to support your work so your audience may not think that you are speculating or guessing.

8 Arrange your list of references in alphabetical order.

9. However, as contained in the instructions, please add some graphics, illustrations/pictures to help embellish your work, help hold the attention of your audience, and even bring a real life perspective to your work. A Power Point is different from an ordinary paper.

Prof. Angela


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