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A- A key factor related to both environmental degradation in general and climate change, in particular, is the way society generates power. For this forum, each student should choose and research that country’s power generation strategy. What percentage of the country’s electricity comes from coal, oil, gas, nuclear power, and renewables? What is the state of the country’s energy infrastructure? Are any new plants coming on line? Does this create concerns for business in this country? Does it create environmental concerns in this country and globally? Use data and evidence to support your research.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR PART A: Please post what you view as the appropriate responses to the above prompts. Your initial post should be three good paragraphs (250-300) words. Please provide response with a clear, well-formulated thesis; sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, and spelling count. Support ALL posts with appropriate rationale and citations from readings; document sources using APA format.

B- Responses to the two peers work ( ATTACHED BELOW),’ postings should be approximately 200 words and should be thoughtful, substantial, polite and more extensive than a simple “well done” phrase or “I agree.” Consider points of agreement, disagreement, assumptions, and value judgments. You will be able to respond to others after you submit your initial post.

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