“Diversity Profile” with new insights about your family culture.

Last week, you enriched your “Diversity Profile” with new insights about your family culture. You continue this process as you reflect on another dimension of diversity: experiences with being an insider and/or an outsider of a dominant culture.Title this assignment: Diversity Profile—Week 3 and complete the following:In response to the question “Who Am I,” add three new insights related to:Your relationship with dominant cultures, (i.e., whether and when you have experienced yourself as an insider and/or an outsider)Ways in which power and culture are related, including a personal example, or one you witnessed, of feeling empowered and/or marginalizedThe effects of experiencing cultural discontinuity as experienced or witnessed by you Review the list you created for your “Diversity Profile” last week with this week’s insights in mind. Then decide if the words and phrases you used to describe your social identities are still adequate. Change, delete, add to, or keep the list as is.Submit your Diversity Profile—Week 3.

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