Discussion PSY 2021

Discussion Post Requirements: Requirements: 500 Responses must be well thought out and well written. Responses must include 2+ references to the readings, videos, and/or activities assigned for the week. Responses must focus on both course material and personal reflection. Initial responses must be between 350-500 words TOPIC 1:
Select a graduate program that you may be interested in applying to after you complete your BA degree. Identify and describe the subfield of psychology this graduate program specializes in and outline the specific requirements of this program. What careers/jobs do professions in that subfield hold? What kind of training is required? Are you currently on track to gain admission into this program? What specific actions do you need to take to enter this program? If you are interested and your graduate degree program of interest requires the GRE, you may go to the main GRE page (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) to learn more about the exam, then navigate to the GRE Powerprep Practice Tests (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) page. Create an ETS account and be allowed up to two free practice tests. You can also find practice tests on the Kaplan website.
This week you were given the opportunity to explore many of the resources at the FIU, such as the Center for Career and Talent Development as well as the Counseling and Psychological Services Center. Take some time to reflect on at least 2 different University resources available to you and discuss why you chose them, how they could be beneficial, and if you’ve used them already. Also include what resources do you wish the University had if there is something you don’t see available, as well as let us know whether you knew about them before this week’s assignment.

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