Discussion Of Approaches To Solving Questions Is Allowed And Encouraged However Each 3107115

Attempt all questions.
This is an individual assignment, and it is expected students answer the questions themselves.
Discussion of approaches to solving questions is allowed (and encouraged), however each
student should develop and write-up their own answers. See CQUniversity resources on
Referencing and Plagiarism. Guidelines for this assignment include:
• Do not exchange files (reports, captures, diagrams) with other students.
• Complete tasks with virtnet yourself – do not use results from another student.
• Draw your own diagrams. Do not use diagrams from other sources (Internet, textbooks)
or from other students.
• Write your own explanations. In some cases, students may arrive at the same numerical
answer, however their explanation of the answer should always be their own.
• Do not copy text from websites or textbooks. During research you should read and
understand what others have written, and then write in your own words.
• Perform the tasks using the correct values listed in the question and using the correct
file names.
File Names and Parameters
Where you see [StudentID] in the text, replace it with your actual student ID. If your student
ID contains a letter (e.g. “s1234567”), make sure the letter is in lowercase.
Where you see [FirstName] in the text, replace it with your actual first name. If you do not
have a first name, then use your last name. Do NOT include any spaces or other nonalphabetical
characters (e.g. “-“).
Submit two files on Moodle only:
1. The report, based on the answer template, called [StudentID]-report.docx.
COIT20262 Assignment 2 Questions Term 1, 2019
Advanced Network Security Page 2 of 10
2. A ZIP file, called to [StudentID]-files.zip, containing all other files. Do not
include your report in this ZIP file, and do not include any directories. Only include
those files named in the questions. Do not use rar, 7z, tgz or other formats – only ZIP.
Marking Scheme
A separate spreadsheet lists the detailed marking criteria.
Questions 1, 2 and 3 require you to use virtnet topology 5. The questions are related, so you
must use the same nodes for all three questions.
• node1: client; assumed to be external from the perspective of the firewall.
• node2: router; gateway between the internal network and external network. Also runs
the firewall.
• node3: server; assumed to be internal from the perspective of the firewall. Runs a web
server with HTTPS and a SSH server for external users (e.g. on node1) to login to. Will
contain accounts for multiple users.



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