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1. Title page Does this include the: Title? Author’s name? Module/course details? 2. Acknowledgements Have you acknowledged all sources of help? 3. Contents Have you listed all the main sections in sequence? Have you included a list of illustrations? 4. Abstract or summary Does this state: The main task? The methods used? The conclusions reached? The recommendations made? 5. Introduction Does this include: Your terms of reference? The limits of the report? An outline of the method? A brief background to the subject matter? 6. Methodology Does this include: The form your enquiry took? The way you collected your data? 7. Reports and findings Are your diagrams clear and simple? Are they clearly labelled? Do they relate closely to the text? 8. Discussion Have you identified key issues? Have you suggested explanations for your findings? Have you outlined any problems encountered? Have you presented a balanced view? 9. Conclusions and recommendations Have you drawn together all of your main ideas? Have you avoided any new information? Are any recommendations clear and concise? 10. References Have you listed all references? Have you included all the necessary information for locating each reference? Are your references accurate? 11. Appendices Have you only included supporting information? Does the reader need to read these sections? 12. Writing style Have you used clear and concise language? Are your sentences short and jargon free? Are your paragraphs tightly focused? Have you used the active or the passive voice? Document Preview:

Order NoEHUK5994Word1500Deadline2015-11-27Allocation Date2015-11-24 02:28:29Order TypeReportAcademic LevelBachelorSubjectComputingOrder DeliveryTopic the topic i want to talk about is Should all software be free. Admin Remark Must be a high standard of works Follow the guidelines strictly Downloads HYPERLINK “http://manage.eduhelpsydney.com/writer/order-download/1564e0e8904f9f” Main File     Additional Requirement i will upload the assignment brief which explains everything.



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