Discussion and Reflection

Reflection: Much of this lesson was devoted to the Modern Environmental Movement, specifically, human impacts on the environment and society’s response. What impacts do you have on the natural environment – either on a very local scale in your community or on a larger global scale – every day? What impacts do you see other people, institutions, or countries having on the natural environment? How could you work to reduce such impacts?250-300 words Discussion: In the Subject line of your Post, state whether you (a) strongly disagree, (b) disagree, (c) agree, or (d) strongly agree with the following statement: References: Cite only the sources mentioned below using in-text citation for both reflection and discussion APA format Rothman, H. K. (2000). Saving the Planet . Ivan R Dee., Chicago, IL. Chapter 5, pp Cuyahoga River Pollution Ohio1967 Requirements: 500 Humans have – and will continue to have – negative impacts on the natural environment if our society continues to progress in the fashion that it has over the past two centuries. 250-300 words

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