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Q1-Week 5 Discussion: Listening Skills

It is time for last regular discussion in this course. This discussion is about importance of listening in interpersonal (see page 196 in textbook). Let us get to know one another more by discussing your listening styles (see page 199 in textbook) and listening responses (see page 207 in textbook). Please remember the adhere to Netiquette guidelines (see page 8 course syllabus) so that we can share and be part of an inclusive classroom environment.


Why is listening important? Why is listening more than hearing? Complete the assessment entitled “Your Listening Styles” (Links to an external site.) from chapter 7. Which styles do you use more? Why? Less? Why? What tips can you give to become a more effective listener after reading chapter 7?

Please contribute your primary post of approximately 360-390 words to our discussion

Q2-Introspection-Response 3


  • The first part of this assignment is to styles of conflict in textbook on pages 337-344.
  • Recall as many conflicts as possible (minimum of 3) that you have had in one relationship.
  • Identify which approach best characterizes each one: win–lose, lose–lose, compromise, or win–win.
  • Review the assignment description for further details.
  • This week’s assignment needs to be 340-380 words without the assignment description.

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