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This assignment is due Thursday 23rd May, before 11:59 pm. You need to submit it electronically,
via LMS. The assignment is worth 10% of your overall assessment.
Late assignments are not accepted without prior arrangement.
• Your solutions must be typed, preferably in LATEX. I have prepared a template that
you can use (see the web). Please set out your answers clearly, showing all explanations
and working. Your solutions should be a pleasure to read. Part of mathematical exposition
is efficiency, and so your solutions should not be excessively long. Anything over 8 pages is
getting rather long, and anything over 10 pages may be deemed excessive – if your script
is becoming too long, think about how you can streamline and improve your arguments.
• Some things (for example polynomial long division) are a real pain to typeset, and it is
OK if you include these parts of your working as hand-written graphics embedded into
your typed solutions (see the template to see how to do this). The same applies for
any diagrams that you want to draw by hand. However note that the template includes
instructions on how to typeset polynomial long division if you choose to typeset it.
• The assignment will be anonymously marked, so please do not include your name anywhere
in your solutions! However it is a good idea to include your SID.
• You may freely use theorems from class, except, of course, when you are asked to explicitly
prove that theorem. However when you do apply a result from class, please briefly state
what that result is. For example “every PID is a UFD”.
• There are 4 questions, each of equal value.
Discussing the assignment questions with your peers is fine, and indeed general discussions are
encouraged and are usually beneficial. However:
• Your final typed solutions must be your own work – copying solutions is of course plagiarism,
and is a waste of everyone’s time.
• You shouldn’t need to make extensive use of material from outside of the course – however
if you do then you absolutely must clearly reference anything that assisted you with the
preparation of your solutions. Failing to do so is a form of plagiarism. Ideally you should
reference a reliable text or peer reviewed mathematical paper rather than a (typically
unreliable) webpage.
So approach this assignment honestly, and with enthusiasm. You might not be able to do every
question immediately – in fact I really hope that you can’t – this is a good thing! Think about
the problems, sink your teeth into them, and come up with original and inspired solutions.



Prof. Angela


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