Discussed How Employee S Emotional Intelligence Could Help Employee Meet Own Targets 3758584

Discussed how employee’s emotional intelligence could help employee meet own targets, help the organisation and develop potential leadership skills
Approached coaching role-play with empathy, self-control and used social skills to motivate the underperforming employee
Secured commitment to concrete, measurable activities to help improve climate by empowering employees to contribute their expertise to team-building.
Focused on the strengths of the underperforming employee, such as commitment and drive to achieve goals – in order to build on those strengths and help the team as a whole achieve workplace outcomes.
Modelled appropriate behaviours, such as empathy
Asked questions to develop understanding and help employee in role-play to generate options for overcoming weaknesses and achieving outcomes.
Responded to scenario performance monitoring information to address issue of employee performance
Conducted role-play in accordance with planned session.



Prof. Angela


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