Discuss Your Future Career Possibilities Why They Interest You And How Your Current 3771713

Question 1. Introduce yourself to the person marking your assessment by giving them context as to your career thinking. Discuss your future career possibilities, why they interest you and how your current studies align with them. a. Write a brief introduction about yourself, including the following information: • Your name • The Program of study you are currently enrolled in (its official name, as it will appear on your academic transcript) and other tertiary studies you have completed e.g. certificates, degrees etc. • The top three things in your life that give you a sense of purpose (a sense of purpose = sense of meaning, that which drives you, that you are intrinsically motivated to do, that which makes you feel positive, fulfilled and alive. Read the home tab of www.senseofpurpose.org for further thoughts) • Your most significant/important/valuable/notable achievement within the last 12 months, explaining why it is the most significant achievement for you. Approx. 100 words.
b. List five occupations/job titles that you hope to work in one day. Consider suggestions in the Temperament Assessment, the lob Outlook Career quiz and/or the work you complete in Chapter 4 of the text book. For each occupation/job title, state at least two reasons for your interest in that occupation/job title and discuss how your current studies are linked to that occupation/job title. Approx. 300 words.



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