Discuss The Four Dimensions Of Human Nature Discuss 1 How The 4 Dimensions Of Hu

Discuss the four dimensions of human nature. Discuss (1) how the 4 dimensions of human nature are crucial to the meaning/purpose of human life; (2) the intellectual dimension in relation to (2a) the need to satisfy our minds, (2b) the need for knowledge, and (2c) why truth is important; (3) Aesthetic dimension, including (3a) the need to experience beauty, (3b) the two kinds of beauty; (4) Moral dimensiion, including (4a) what ethics/morality is really about, (4b) character, integrity, (4c) virtues (4d) mean (4e), and (4f) how one could cultivate goodness; and (5) Spiritual dimension in relation to (5a) each of the spiritual needs in detail and (5b) how each of these needs relate to another.

Minimum 600+ words.

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