Discuss The Forms Of Business Organizations And How To Create Terminate Them Dis

  • Discuss the forms of business organizations and how to create/terminate them.
  • Discuss the factors to consider when selecting a business’s organizational form.
  • Explain a trend and the main reason for boards of directors and shareholders becoming more active in the operations of publicly held corporations.
  • Discuss any of your own experiences as sole proprietors (or partners in a partnership). Feel free to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this form of business. Try to answer the following situations:
  1. Four friends jointly own a summer cottage and use it solely for their personal enjoyment. Is this a partnership? Please explain why or why not?
  2. What if the four friends rent the cottage to other people for part of the year?
  3. Suppose a renter dies in the cottage due to a gas leak. Would all of the owners be liable? Please explain why or why not?

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