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Create a PowerPoint presentation. Choose a culture that you feel less knowledgeable about and address the following prompts by including three examples of each bullet point:
• Compare and contrast this culture with your own culture.
• Provide examples of the historical, socioeconomic, political, educational, and topographical aspects of this culture.
• Report the appropriate interdisciplinary interventions for hereditary, genetic, and endemic diseases and high-risk health behaviors within this culture.
• Determine the influences of their value systems on childbearing and bereavement practices.
• Name their sources of strength, spirituality, and magico-religious beliefs associated with health and health care.
• Outline health-care practices, including acute versus preventive care; barriers to health care; the meaning of pain and the sick role; and traditional folk medicine practices.
• Identify cultural issues related to learning styles, autonomy, and educational preparation of content for this culture.
Length: 20 slides; answers must thoroughly address the questions in a clear, concise manner.  Include at least six scholarly sources. verifiable references within 5 years. APA format 
Title: 1 slide
Compare and contrast cultures: at least 3 slides
Provide examples of the historical, socioeconomic, etc. aspects of culture: at least 2 slides
Report interdisciplinary interventions: at least 2 slides
Determine influences on childbearing and bereavement: at least 2 slides
Name sources of strength, spirituality, etc.: at least 2 slides
Outline health care practices: at least 2 slides
Identify learning styles/educational preparation: at least 2 slides
References: 2 slides

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