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Assignment Objective

Students will analyze and evaluate a variety of assigned primary and secondary sources, lecture material, and do their own outside research to present a creative and visually appealing digital presentation based on a historical individual we met through the course content. The students will use their presentation to offer their own arguments about the 19th century and the significance of the person they studied.


For this assignment you will pick one person we have learned about in this course, and do some extra research. This can include authors who wrote our primary/secondary sources, or someone we met through readings/lectures.

Be creative! I’ve had students submit their poster by making their own take on an obituary, online dating profile, mock newspapers, prezi’s, interactive timelines, and slide shows.

Your poster must include:

1. Images- Poster should include images of the person (if available), of where the person was from, or images that detail information about the person’s life in other ways: uprisings they were involved in, their profession, their publications, their family, or images that demonstrate their connection to social movements etc.

2. Poster needs to explain: when they were born/died, who they were, where they were from, and other important details of their life.

3. Poster needs to situate this person within their historical context. Historically situating your person includes bringing in at least 2 assigned primary and/or secondary source readings from the term to incorporate them into your poster- you can use lecture material and assigned readings to contextualize your person by making statements about how your person is similar to/different from what we learn in the readings; how your person is representative of those who participated in a specific social movement etc.

4. Poster needs to make an argument about the historical significance of this person and why you think we need to remember them. (This should be your own unique and analytical argument).

5. Finally, this poster must reflect on the importance of studying 19th century American History using your subject as an entry point to discuss this material. (This is also your own unique argument).

You are encouraged to do additional internet research from academic sources (online archives, libraries, scholarly database and website projects etc). You must use citations within the text of the poster. Citations in text can be done using parenthetical citations, footnotes, or endnotes. Be sure to include a small works cited section somewhere on the poster that includes all source material with full Chicago-style citations.

File upload must be in a Word, PDF, or PowerPoint form for Canvas, however, if you prefer to do this as a blog or prezi you may supply the link to your online poster in a Word file so it is accessible from Canvas.

Keep in mind…

  • You need to incorporate lecture and assigned course reading to contextualize your historical figure to complete this assignment.
  • You must use citations within the poster and create a space somewhere in your project for a works cited section.
  • Your poster project needs to demonstrate an understanding of course material and show that time was spent thoughtfully researching. Poster is due no later than 12pm PST (noon) on Tuesday July 28.
  • Before submit the assignment, check the rubric so you know exactly how your score will be determined.


Please let me know who you would like to pick from the following list, and I will send you the corresponding files we have on this person. Thank you.

Thomas Jefferson

Alexander Hamilton

Harriet Hanson Robinson

Walter Colton

Richard Cation Woodville

John L. O’Sullivan

Andrew Jackson

John Ross

Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Nat Turner

Harriet A. Jacobs

Maria Perkins

Angelina Grimke Weld

Maria Stewart

Frederick Douglass

John Brown

Sam Huston

Abraham Lincoln

Rebecca Adams

Andrew Johnson

Albert Morgan

Adelbert Ames

Ida B. Wells

Mary McLeod Bethune

Fredrick Jackson Turner

Henry George

Prof. Angela


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