Deviance Definition in Various Cultures

Ever since, society has bad individuals and things because of one reason- deviance. Deviance can refer to the violation of social values and beliefs. These deviant behaviors can either be positive or negative depending on community members. The diverse nature of the United States makes it have varying forms of deviance, including physical, sexual, and corporate.

Physical deviance remains the most visible form of deviance, and the ones that mostly create stigma and discrimination on victims. In America, the definition of beauty varies among youths and cultural groups (Goode, 2015). For instance, some women value curved bodies, while others prefer to appear slim and young. Some people even modify their bodies through tattooing and piercing to create attention (Brown & Sefiha, 2017). Still, cosmetic surgery should be considered deviant as it is a form of body modification to suit given values. While some of these practices might appear abnormal to some individuals, the victims’ value as a way of linking the body and mind.

Sexual deviance is also prevalent in many societies. This deviance includes strippers, polygamy, anonymous sex, bisexual, prostitution, and premarital sex, among others. In the United States, many people disagree on the right sexual practices (Goode, 2015). For instance, subcultural groups as prostitutes, gay, and lesbians face opposition from considerable opposition from dominant cultures. The difference in sexual deviance arises from cultural and religious differences in the country.

Corporate deviance is also on the rise in different nations. The deviant behaviors in this category are acceptance of elite and workplace crimes. In America, organizational deviance varies based on regions and ethnic groups. For instance, crime rates are high among Africa-Americas and urban dwellers (Brown & Sefiha, 2017). Further, white-collar crimes are more accepted in the nation compared to other forms of criminal activities. For example, when tax evaders get arrested, they receive fewer jail terms compared to other people who commit conventional crimes. America should also consider environmental damage and manufacture of harmful products as deviant behaviors. The corporate deviance appears more acceptable to many people even if they create problems to other categories of people.

America has different types of deviant behaviors. Some types of deviance in the country are beauty, sex practices, and corporate crimes. This deviant difference is due to the diverse nature of the nation’s population.

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