Develop A Compiler Interpreter Following The Following Grammar In C Using Micros

Develop a compiler/interpreter following the following grammar in C++ Using Microsoft Visual Studio 2105 or 2017. The code sent should be executed in the Microsoft Visual Studio. Need to Submit it by Tuesday 12:00 am. Do not worry about price.

<program> -> begin <stmt_list> end

<stmt_list> -> <stmt>; | <stmt>; <stmt_list>

<stmt> – > <var>=<expression> | input <var> | display <var> | display “string” |

<var> -> A | B | CĀ 

<expression> -> <var> + <var> | <var>-<var> | <var>*<var> | <var>/<var> | <var>

Your project should allow user to enter the file name of the source code following this grammar, detect errors and give error messages, and run the user’s program if there is no grammar error.

Prof. Angela


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