Design A Network For The Department Of Computing The Department Should Have Twen

Design a network for the Department of computing.

The Department should have twenty specialist laboratories including twelve labs

in building A and eight labs in building B. All laboratories need

to have a network infrastructure internetworked between these rooms but isolated

from the university’s corporate network. A controlled connection to the corporate

network and the Internet is essential. Each room in building A requires at

least 50 terminals, while the room in building B is smaller with a maximum

of 30 terminals.

For experimental purposes, the following servers are also needed:

1. A Windows based server with back-up. This will support networked applications

and will also serve as a file server.

2. A web server with back-up

3. An email server with backup

4. A database server

You should follow a methodological approach to network design and executing the following:

2. Flow analysis

3. Logical design and routing

4. Physical design

5. Configuration on a simulator with PacketTracer

6. Testing

7. Management and Security

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