Describe Your Search Method Write A Brief Paragraph Describing Your Online Searc

A. Describe your Search Method

Write a brief paragraph describing your online search method. Specify the search engine and key words you used, why you chose them, the web pages they took you to, and where you went next. Be sure to include any dead ends you ran into.

B. Present your Research Findings

Provide your classmates with context for your research findings by identifying the major you’re pursuing and your critical inquiry question. Identify the trending topics related to this focus area you observed as you explored online media. Then discuss the presentation you selected.  Provide a link to the presentation to your classmates, explain why it caught your interest, and articulate the questions it brought to mind when you watched it and after you’d thought about it. Be sure to cite your sources for quoted, paraphrased, and/or summarized information you include in your post. 

My critical question would be Modern technology, good or bad?Running head: MODERN TECHNOLOGY 1 Modern TechnologyStudent’s NameInstitution Affiliation Modern TechnologyPart 1The debate on whether modern technology is good or bad has been dominant in…

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