Describe What Social Engineering Is And Explain Its Existence And Prevalence Exp

Describe what social engineering is and explain its existence and prevalence.

Explain why SE is

an important part of an information technology security course.

Discuss employee and management responsibilities with regards to Information Security and combatting SE. Make sure your work clarifies your opinion as to who carries more responsibility for preventing SE, the employees or management? Provide examples to back up your statements.

Prepare a Word document of 3-4 pages (excluding title page, abstract and references page) that includes the network security policy for an organization that addresses all of the stated design requirements. It should be in APA format, including an introduction and conclusion.Running head: NETWORK SECURITY AND SOCIAL ENGINEERING NETWORK SECURITY AND SOCIAL ENGINEERINGStudent NameCourse TitleProfessor NameUniversity NameSeptember 16, 2016 1 NETWORK SECURITY AND…

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