Describe Two Opposite People

Describe two opposite people In the small community of Culmersville there are only two adults that I could spend time with and never be bored. One of which was a kind lady by the name of Ms. Kelly and the other was the funniest man in the world by the name of Mr. King. Ms. Kelly is a kind person. She always teaches me to help those people who are in need and she also never got tired of helping others. For example, one of my friend’s family financial situation wasn’t so good and therefore Ms.
Kelly buys him breakfast almost every morning. She hopes that he will not feel hungry during the school time and knows it can help him to concentrate in his studies. Ms. Kelly is also a sympathetic lady. Although she was not high-educated, she always teaches her kids and me to help other people. During weekends she would visit the Children’s Hostel and help the workers to teach and feed the children. She also always invites me and my family to be a volunteer and join her to do social works.
On the other hand Mr. King was the complete opposite. He was an electrician and one of the most selfish people I knew. Mr. King would have two bottles of water and would rather throw a bottle of water in the garbage or put it in his car before he would give it to you. But yet I found Mr. King to be a funny man and spent lots of time with him playing dominoes. I had the best relationship with Mr. King in Culmersville. This probably was because I never asked him for anything. But Ms. Kelly and Mr.
King was the worst of friends. I would call them enemies. All of this started when Ms. Kelly asked Mr. King to donate some of his funds to the Children’s Hostel. Mr. King could have told her a simple ‘no’ but he loudly told Ms. King, ‘if you don’t get off my property talking foolishness about donating money I would throw you off myself’. This was where the commotion started. Ms. Kelly then asked, ‘Do you call homeless children foolishness? ’ Mr. King then said, ‘The children aren’t the foolishness.
You are. ‘Mr. King then slammed the door in Ms. Kelly’s face like she was coming to rob his house. Ever since this day every time Ms. Kelly sees Mr. King she would start pointing fingers at him telling people he hate homeless children and unfortunate people. These are the two people that thought me that people with opposite personalities would never be able to be together. But, although Ms. Kelly and Mr. King are two completely opposite people I enjoy being with either of them.

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