DePaul University Art and Artists Observation Discussion

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Hello, These are TWO different questions that has to answered in a different files. Each one has to be 6 sentences or so not that long.

Observation of art and artists

Please watch the following short videos of artists working. We will see a calligrapher, a potter, a director, and a water color painter. As you watch, does anything stand out to you about their process, about how they work, about their approach to their craft?


A case for other fields

Think about these fields:

Dog Walker





Stock Boy or Girl

Bank Teller

Museum Curator

We might not automatically think of these fields as artistic ones. In what ways can these fields be considered arts and/or showcase artistry? Can a bartender really make an art of tending bar? If so how? Do you see any of the practices you observed in the artists from the previous assignment in what you know of these fields?

Please consider any two of those listed above and present a short rationale that each could be considered an art

Prof. Angela


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