Definition Paragraph 1 8 12 Sentences 100 Points 50 Pts Rough Draft 50 Points Fi

Definition Paragraph #1

 8-12 sentences 

100 points (50 pts rough draft/ 50 points final draft)


In talking with other people, we sometimes offer informal definitions to explain just what we mean by a particular term. Suppose, for example, we say to a friend, “Karen can be so clingy.” We might then expand on our idea of “clingy” by saying, “You know, a clingy person needs to be with someone every single minute. If Karen’s best friend makes plans that don’t include her, she becomes hurt. And when she dates someone, she calls him several times a day and gets upset if he even goes to the grocery store without her. She hangs on to people too tightly.” In a written definition, we make clear in a more complete and formal way our own personal understanding of a term. Such a definition typically starts with one meaning of a term. The meaning is then illustrated with a series of examples or a story.

Activity Instructions:

Write a paragraph that begins with a one-sentence definition; that sentence will be the topic sentence.

Develop your definition by using one of the following methods: 

1. Examples: Give several examples that support your topic sentence. 

2. Extended example: Use one longer example to support your topic sentence.

As you write, stay in the 3rd person (he, she, it, they, the text, etc.) by shifting the focus away from yourself and onto the actual subject(s) of your paragraph – Be sure to not use 1st (I, me) or 2nd person voice (you, your) anywhere in your paragraph 

Aim for verb consistency: Proofread your work carefully to make sure all of your verbs are in the same tense throughout the entire paragraph

You do not need any research for this assignment, but should draw on your own experiences. 

The paragraph should be 8-12 sentences and must be typed in MLA style. 

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