Deconstruct The Economics Underlying Airborne.

MBA 5010 Week 4 Integrative AssignmentIn week 1, we analyzed the sharing economy.This week, you’re going to build on the knowledge you gained. Your assignment is to deconstruct the economics underlying Airbnb. Specifically, I want you to answer the following questions: What resources are being shared? What is the opportunity cost of the resources “consumed” to facilitate this sharing? How does this create value for customers? Does the value created for customers outweigh the opportunity cost of the resources consumed? Does Airbnb capture a sufficient amount of any value generated to remain a viable business?The purpose of this question is to provide you an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the economics of value creation. So, emphasize this aspect of your answer.Try to limit yourself to 500 words. Your answer will be evaluated based on correctness, completeness, and clarity. As always, be attentive to your writing.

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