Dallas College American Government and Politics Questions

Question Description

Analytical paper answering a question about American government.

The paper must:

• Be three to four (3-4) pages of content (excluding Works Cited, endnotes, or bibliography pages).

• Use at least three (3) academic resources (e.g. journal article, government web site, online newspaper, etc.) to support your position.

• Papers must be completed as a Word document, using one-inch margins, double spacing, and size 12 Times Roman or Arial font.

You must answer all the following questions in essay format.

  • Communicating Effectively

1-Some people contend that smaller constituencies might allow a wider array of people to participate in state politics, rather than just the “rich” or “well born.” How would you argue in favor of or against this statement?

2-To what extent should legislators use race when redistricting? Do you think redistricting is an appropriate tool to provide representation to minority or underserved populations? Why or why not?

3-Each Texas citizen has one Texas State House member and one Texas State Senate member to represent him or her. Use this website to find your representatives: https://capitol.texas.gov/. The “Who Represents Me” section allows you to put in your address and locate your state house and senate members. Name your state house and state senate representatives, their party affiliation, their gender and race. What is your (state house and state senate) district numbers? How representative is the legislature of the people of Texas? In what ways can representation be defined? What reforms would make the legislature more representative?

4- Many people believe that the success of legislation largely depends on a relatively few individuals who make up the leadership in the Texas House and Senate. Do you think the speaker of the house and the lieutenant governor have too much, too little, or the right amount of control over the passage of bills? How can you influence legislation? What can individuals do to affect legislation?

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