DAC Exegesis on Kants Groundwork of The Metaphysics of Morals Response

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  1. Your own response should be double-spaced. It should be no longer than two printed pages total, including the passage quoted at the beginning.

Your task is to explain the passage in detail by drawing out clearly the central concepts or claims (explicit or implied), and situating the passage in the broader argument of the text in which it appears. The fundamental aim of this assignment is to interpret the text, not to evaluate it.


…beyond these characteristics of his own subject that are composed of nothing but sundry appearances he must necessarily assume something else lying at its foundation, namely his I, such as it may be in itself; and with respect to mere perception and receptivity to his sensations he must thus count himself as belonging to the world of sense, but with regard to what there may be of pure activity in him (what reaches consciousness not by affection of the senses, but immediately) as belonging to the intellectual world with which he is yet no further acquainted.”

Page 61

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