Cultural Neuroscience

Prepare a 1000-word essay on the application of research in a specific area(s) from the content of Module 3. Cultural Neuroscience, understand the psychological and neutral factors that explain the ways in which cultures can process information differently. *delve deeper into the specific area of choice and discuss how we are connecting with Cultural Neuroscience and applying my learning in my leadership role or personally, using the research to support my ideas. In my essay I must demonstrate and show evidence of 1. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of basic ideas and facts as well as an integrated understanding through the application in the workplace, practice or some other environment. 2. Identify planning methods and demonstrate their application to bring about effective action. 3. Select and apply approaches, methods, tools and models appropriate to their identified aims and objectives. 4. Demonstrate the delivery of agreed upon results to stakeholders and wider audiences. 5. Analyze the information, data and experience developed as a result of the application in the workplace. Personally reflect upon the application and the impact on others to enhance the agreed upon results. 6. Demonstrate leadership in initiating and developing change and improvement of practice. Please see attached 4 articles to review. The Essay should be as follows: * Cultural Neuroscience * Personal Application for Cultural Neuroscience * Conclusion

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