CSUN Nationalization of Problems and Aggregating Of Votes Paper

increasing nationalization of problems led to an increase in the power of the Federal government. Today, we have not just national problems, but global ones. Should the US retain as much as it has at the national level, or would it make more sense to cede power to some kind of global governing body? For example, should the US be able to ban its citizens from using/downloading TikTok, which is freely available to most of the planet’s residents?

Our in-class exercise helped demonstrate how different ways of aggregating votes leads to different outcomes. Given that knowledge, should we start voting for President using a simple national vote count, or should we continue using the current method (the Electoral College – we’ll talk about the details more, but, essentially, aggregating votes within states, and assigning all a state’s votes to the winner of the vote within the state)?

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