CSU Fresno Moderate Automatic Preference for Young Abled White and Straight People Essay

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You just have to answer each these questions in the paragraph. There are four paragraphs because there are four tests that I already did and will attach. Paragraphs have to be 5-7 sentences.

  1. Write a paragraph for each test result. Critically think about your results-be honest. What in your lived experience, do you think contributed to your test results? You cannot use the testing process as a reason for your results.
  1. When you get your results you may be surprised, however, the purpose of this assignment is to make you aware of your biases so you can develop a plan to start addressing them. Implicit biases impact our interactions with others. The work begins now. Your results will only be seen by the instructor.
  1. What can you do to possibly change your scores to reflect a more positive result on future Implicit Bias tests?

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