Critical Thinking 5 Name 5 Of The 11 Ad Hominem Fallacies And Explain How They C

Critical thinking 5

  1. Name 5 of the 11 ad hominem fallacies and explain how they confuse the qualities of a person making a claim with the qualities of the claim.
  2. Are fallacies used in politics? Give an example from the most recent election.
  3. Listen a talk radio program, a television program, or have a conversation with another person. Provide examples of the following that you’ve overheard:- Hasty generalization (describe which type and why it was incorrect)- Generalizing from exceptional cases (describe which type and why it was incorrect)- Fallacious appeal to Popularity (common belief) (describe which type and why it was incorrect)
  4. What is “begging the question”? Give a real life scenario in which this has happened to you.

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