Critical Thinking 4 Watch A Cable News Program For One Full Hour Where Guests Ar

Critical thinking 4

  1. Watch a cable news program for one full hour where guests are asked to provide their opinions. List the rhetorical devices or logical fallacies or both, found during the dialogue by name of show, time of day, host name, guest name, and organization to which the guest belongs. Evaluate the motivation for this person in using rhetorical devices or logical fallacies. 
  2. Define the 13 rhetorical devices in common use and give examples, stating how each tie into critical thinking. 
  3. What are the emotional fallacies and their premises and conclusions? Use current events from the last month as examples.
  4. What are the non-emotional fallacies and their premises and conclusions?
  5. Name 5 emotions and the fallacies that are associated with them. Give examples of each as they relate to something important to you.

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