Critical Analysis of Research Papers

Analyse and critically Review 3-4 research papers that are most relevant to the research problem. Argue and Justify whether the methodology and methods are appropriate to address the research problem.Discuss and justify the strengths and weaknesses using supports from other relevant literature. Assessment criteria: Select three-four research articles that provide the relevant evidence for your topic. Your articles must be ? 7 years old. Your assignment must have an introduction, a body (which is the content of your analysis) and a conclusion. USE at least 10 additional peer reviewed journal articles with APA FORMAT Authorship Consider the strengths and limitations of the authors’ expertise, based on their cited qualifications and affiliations and whether there might be possible conflicts of interest or possible grounds for bias in the paper. Research Questions, aim or hypothesis Identify the research question/s, aim or hypothesis underpinning the research and discuss the author’s justification/s as to why their study was needed. In considering the authors’ justifications consider whether – the significance of the research topic or problem is identified the current state of research on the topic is discussed gaps in the current research/ literature on the topic have been identified Research Design Identify and analyse the research design and consider whether the choice of design is appropriate for answering the stated research question, aims or hypothesis. Research Methods Identify, analyse and synthesise the methods the researchers used for selecting study participants, collecting the data and data analysis. Results and limitation of the study Identify the results, conclusions and limitations of the research. Evaluation and Implication into practice

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