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A major responsibility of the DHS is to establish principles and processes for homeland security risk management. DHS has built an initial foundation through key documents: It is the intent of DHS to apply consistent doctrine that promotes the understanding of sound risk management practices and to make progress towards creating a cohesive approach to homeland security. The two web links above will take you to these documents for review. Read Chapter 8 in your textbook and review the key DHS documents mentioned before responding to the following: Requirements: ….. The DHS Risk Lexicon (Links to an external site.) [PDF, File size 447 KB], Guiding Principles, and Risk Management Fundamentals (Links to an external site.). Compare and contrast the documents that make up the DHS perspective on risk. How do these documents support a homeland security risk management approach? In Risk Management Fundamentals, DHS states that the purpose of the document is to shape how one thinks about the issues that you are considering and should be applied based on the operating environment. What does this statement mean for risk management and the DHS perspective on how to conduct a risk assessment?

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