Creating GUI Model in Matlab project

Matlab Assignment With GUI This is Matlab project with creating GUI model: PLease read details carefully and include all requirements, please avoid plagirism and include works reference, you should deliver .m Matlab files and full report. please read the details of the project in the attachment below This assignment is created as for the fulfillment of the Criterion 7 of ABET accreditation criteria.Students should work ON HER / HIS OWN for the following requirements.1) Create a GUI model that will a.Take coefficients of PERIODIC SIGNALS and the range of time, and “n” values as “Arguments”. b. GENERATE PERIODIC SIGNAL BASED ON THE GIVEN Arguments for 3 n values. (such as n = 10,100, and 1000)c.Create 4 subplots – Signal vs. time with your first choice of n = 1, Signal vs. time with your second choice of n = 1, Signal vs. time with your third choice of n, and all 3 of them together. (Use different markers and “Legend” function for indication.)2) Everything should be typed!!! No handwritten, Photocopied, Camera-ed material is allowed.3) Use of online material (Not from Class Canvas) is STRICTLY LIMITEDto setting up the GUI model. CODE FOR SIGNAL GENERATION AND DISPLAY SHOULD BE YOUR OWN CREATION!4) DO NOT FORGET TO INCLUDE REFERECES – AND CITE THEM IN YOUR REPORT.… submission should include1)Cover Page with your name2)Objective and Expected Challenge3)Pseudocode 4)Your Script (.m file) 5)Demo Screen Shot.6)What you have learned on your own to complete this project.7)Reference Requirements: full script for the question and full report. | .doc file

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