Create A 8 Page Essay Paper That Discusses Religion And Theology In Sustaining P

Create a 8 page essay paper that discusses Religion and theology.

In “Sustaining preachers and preaching” Lovell & Richardson depict to us the practice of evangelization in our churches by elucidating on the importance of renewal of preaching style. Lovell & Richardson advocate an evangelization style that will endorse dialogical, and one that will hinder authoritarian and stentorian monolog. Thus, Lovell & Richardson coax ministers to inculcate the preaching elegance that is grounded in prayers and scriptures and one that is inspired by the Holy Spirit hence increasing the faith, love that will renew the hope and replenishes of those who hear it. It is central for us to comprehend that preaching must be based on scriptures that are inspired by Holy Spirit that is necessary for increasing our faith and that of the congregation hence rekindling our hope in Jesus Christ. What’s more, they help us understand that preaching is “truth through personality” and they emphasize this by portraying preaching as a unique form of communication whose sources is God. The authors help us to comprehend that, the perseverance of evangelization is not real to revolutionize the congregation’s awareness about the certain controversial issue but to bring the congregation into the presence of God. Lovell & Richardson see the need for preaching to be renewed hence assisting it to serve the right purpose envisioned by God. The authors also help us apprehend that preachers must take into consideration the existences of diversity in the congregation.

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