Create A 8 Page Essay Paper That Discusses Psychological Perspectives On Organis

Create a 8 page essay paper that discusses Psychological Perspectives on Organisation.

Hence, the knowledge of core psycho analytical concepts becomes important tools to the leadership for understanding the organizational behavior.

The understanding of psychoanalytical concepts provides invaluable information regarding the socio-psychological factors that adversely affect the performance outcome of the workforce. Unconscious and repression, transference, envy and rivalry are few major concepts that considerably influence the human nature and consequently the behavior of the organization. Freud, the eminent socio-psychologist has contributed extensively towards understanding of these core psychoanalytical ingredients so that the one is better able to analyze human behavior within the prescribed social norms. Social scientists have corroborated that the psycho-analytical perspectives are important tools for understanding the hidden dynamics of human relationship, especially with regard to corporate culture, social defenses, leadership imperatives, motivation and other paradigms associated with organizational behavior (Levinson, 1972, 2002. DeBoard, 1978. Czander, 1993. Gabriel, 1999). The understanding equips the leadership with the necessary knowledge to promote confidence building and strengthen interpersonal understanding with the group, within the organization.

The theory of cognition tries to explain why and how the events take place and subsequent pattern of behaviour of man under certain condition involving emotional and metaphysical reaction. The role of brain and conscious and unconscious activities of the mind are seen to be the responsible for the general behaviour of man. The conscious and unconscious working of our mind is strongly co-related with our experience of the object reality. The conscious mind understands and interprets the sensations according to the partial or total recall of the events. On the other hand, sub conscious mind may or may not

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