Create A 8 Page Essay Paper That Discusses Political Studies Presidential Charac

Create a 8 page essay paper that discusses Political studies: presidential characters.

Character is the persons stance as he confronts experience. And at the core of character, a man confronts himself. The president’s fundamental self-esteem is his prime personal resource.

In his book, The Presidential Character: Predicting Performance in the White House,(4th ed.1992) Barber, J.D puts forth the theory that a presidents style of leadership and the way his presidency turns out is a result of his personality and pattern of thinking .King,S. presidential character(2004)

Barber maps presidential character on two different lines: active vs. passive, and positive vs. negative. The first baseline in defining presidential types is activity-passivity. How much energy does the man invest in his presidency?

Lyndon Johnson went at his day like a human cyclone, coming to rest long after the sun went down. Calvin Coolidge often slept eleven hours a night and still needed a nap in the middle of the day. In between the presidents array themselves on the high or low side of the activity line. Barber, J.D (1992)

a) Active-positive: Barber describes this type of president as one who has relatively very high self-confidence and usually works hard to better himself and the country. He uses power in a beneficial manner and enjoys his office and his power.

“An active-positive president chooses to act. But, in order to act, one must be able to prepare, which means one must be able to contemplate creative and strategic ideas. So, it is the contemplative life plus the active life. They must compromise. Because if one just has thoughts and refuses to act upon them, nothing is accomplished. “Actions speak louder than words.” Roosevelts words still ring true today. So, perhaps confidence and initiation are the more contributing factors to an active-positive type.

b) Active-negative: Barber says this type of president also works extremely hard

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