Create A 8 Page Essay Paper That Discusses Moral Ethical And Legal Issue Surroun

Create a 8 page essay paper that discusses Moral, ethical and legal issue surrounding cell phones.

Recent researches have shown that cell phones have given rise to many ethical problems related to exchange of adult material resulting in sexting, child and adult pornography. In addition to that, there are also studies supporting the notion that cell phones usage has serious consequences during driving. Many countries and states have devised several laws which prohibit exchange of nude/ semi-naked material and use of cell phone for bullying, harassment, and cell phone use’ during driving however a policy model is required which would keep ensure the use of cell phone for unethical activities.

With the use of cell phones comes moral responsibility of information rights, property rights and obligations, accountability and control, system quality and quality of life. Due to excessive use of cell phones, one of the fundamental moral comprises arise from invasion of privacy. It is a right of every individual to be free from surveillance or interference from individuals, organizations and state and have complete control over information regarding him. In U.S., individual privacy is protected by various laws such as First Amendment (freedom of speech), Fourth Amendment (unreasonable search and seizure), Additional federal statues (e.g. Privacy Act of 1974) etc (Lauden & Traver, 2012). There is an extensive research performed on cell phones and ethical issues arising out of it. Other than breach of privacy, forced intimacy, inane conversations, inappropriate timings of usage, and disregard for immediate others are some of the major issues considered as violation of etiquettes (Johnson, 2003).

Other than the basic ethical dilemmas mentioned above, another area which requires immediate attention is the use of cell phones for the purpose of exchanging pornography, sexting, sex-oriented tele-conversation and adult pornography. Most of ethical issues

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