Create A 8 Page Essay Paper That Discusses Media Literacy Following Several Clas

Create a 8 page essay paper that discusses Media literacy.

Following several clashes with swords in series of fierce mortal combats, the duo, Jack and Will attempt to recapture the Black Pearl Ship, relinquish a fortune in forbidden treasure and save the British navy thereby lifting the curse of the pirates, (Solway, 2008).

Redbank (2007) affirms that the film’s complexity was achieved following a number of production technicalities. With numerous shootings, the first one being on October 9, 2002 in which Jack Sparrow steals the interceptor, the production team constantly changed the script to achieve their primary objective. a pirate movie with comical characters and a comical storyline with violence and politics incorporated. Trimble (2007) further documents that the film’s computer generated forms of the cursed crewmembers are relatively convincing, a feat achieved by the visual effect integrated by the production team.

According to Wiratmoko (2009), the film’s production unit uses a series of filmic conventions and mythological images of characters like the masculine pirate Jack Sparrow to achieve the film’s objectives. Supplementary characters also supports the main character for example, Elizabeth Swan asks ‘Whose side is Jack on?’ to depict the ambiguity in Jack’s loyalty. Will replies, ‘at the moment?’ thereby depicting Jack’s unstable, contingent, ever changing and heterogeneous character, (Solway, 2008). Trimble (2007) however reveals that, a deeper analysis of Jack’s character reveals a strange aspect of piratical freedom and liberty from political manipulation.

Comparative to the life on port Toruga, the society in Port Royal is too structured, lacking in freedom with all inhabitants obeying the preset political standards. Trimble (2007) notes that, the movie manages to bring out the free lifestyle which majority of civilized individuals seeks, a life in which individuals are allowed wild random adventures. According to Wiratmoko

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