Create A 7 Page Essay Paper That Discusses Affect Social Network And Technology

Create a 7 page essay paper that discusses Affect Social Network and Technology in Our Life.

In this research text, three articles will be evaluated on their mode of expressing the effects of social networking on our lives in which most of them highlight communication and socializing as being the most affected aspects of human life.

Quan-Haase’s (2012) book provides both positive and negative aspects of technology and social networking as they affect human lives. It evaluates both sides of the issue, addressing what technology and social networking adds or deducts from our lives. On the positive note, it states that these two have reduced the social constraints caused by say geography, distance, and schedule in which case they enable the world to function like a small town where talking to anyone around the world is so easy. The internet has become a social tool for communication as there are emails, instant messengers, and distribution lists amongst others. These, unlike the traditional means of communication, enable one to expand their friend circles faster, make coordination easier, bring strangers together and all these come readily at a reduced cost. To support this, she defines a study conducted in Australia which suggested that the people who lived before television was available were less sociable. On the other hand, she evaluates the negative aspects of the same, adding that depending on use, these two can be hindrances to socializing. To support her argument, she give examples such as how an adult can spend hours during a weekend sitting down and just scrolling through their computers, consuming time which could have otherwise been used for one on one engagement with real people. They suggest that people should cut down on their use of technology and social networks so that they do not replace what should be done naturally.

According to Rozenblum & Bates (2013), social networking and technology have contributed greatly

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