Create A 6 Pages Page Paper That Discusses The Idea Of Culture And Religion For

Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses the idea of culture and religion for africans. Edward Wilmot Blyden is known to be as one of the chief cultural nationalists who hold many views to improve the lifestyle of Africans. Blyden was an ideologue, visionary and outspoken critic. It is fascinating to know that the creator of African cultural nationalism was of African descent but not an African. According to Hollis R. Lynch, “Blyden was dedicated to promoting the progression of the Negro race and responded deeply against the occurrence of racial discrimination of Negros in the New World”. Edward Wilmot Blyde’s writing on a varied variety of themes is much more significant achievements than that of impressive credentials. The famous volume of the author Christianity, Islam, and the Negro Race include the personal viewpoint on the effects of Christianity which is being regarded as most detrimental to Africans. Blyden is one of the strongest and chief believers in African nationalism, who personally believe that it is vital for entire continents to undertake any initiation which can help them to work together to avoid getting alienated by the European powers.

Slavery in the United States existed in the 18th and 19th centuries. The existence of slavery in the United States is regarded as the legal society of chattel slavery. The basis of an evolving pan-African vision is articulated in the article Africa and the Africans. According to Robert W. July, “Edward Wilmot Blyden is an effective articulate exponent and principal African nationalist of African nationalism”. The elimination of Slavery in the United States is regarded as an important link in the renewal of Africa. The American Emancipation and&nbsp.American slavery cannot be forgotten by many present-day Negro writers. The author stated that the people of Africa have become a hunting ground for other counties.

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