Create A 6 Pages Page Paper That Discusses Strategies And Aims Of Starbucks Comp

Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses strategies and aims of starbucks company. In this paper, we will be emphasizing on Starbucks’ strategy and its analysis, expounding the discussion on the company’s success together with sustainability levels.

As Dr. John P. Kotter Professor of Leadership, at the Harvard Business School, said, “Leaders establish the vision for the future and set the strategy for getting there”. Howard Schultz’s knew exactly what he wanted the Starbucks Company to be, and where it was headed. He also had clear long-term goals set for the company. As the CEO, Mr. Schultz’s stated, “We’re not in the coffee business serving people, we are in the people business serving coffee.”, with a mission statement “to inspire and nurture the human spirit- one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.” In other words, the company focuses more on having the customers engaged, giving them a personalized service, with a specific atmosphere that the customer can relate to and associate with the Starbucks experience. To achieve such a level of success, Starbucks effectively implemented clear consistent long-term goals, a deep understanding of its competitive environment and a fair assessment of its assets.

Starbucks fully understood the competitive environment, and knew that customers were not only looking for a cup of coffee but an experience, thus their prioritizing, as previously stated the customer experience. indeed, what mainly differentiates Starbucks from another coffee shop, is not only the quality of their coffee made with the best beans in the market but also the services that comes with it. As an internal strategy, Starbucks focused on its employees’ involvement, since the “baristas” were the ones who gave life to the Starbucks experience, creating a family atmosphere, giving to&nbsp.the customers the impression of being in a coffee bar in Milan. Thus, the employees had to be able to prove their ability to work as team members and had to be above average in terms of customer relations. Furthermore, Starbucks’ stores’ layout, played a major role in terms of experience, indeed, the stores were made so they were reconciling efficiency with comfort.

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